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the way my eyes reflect the world
Greetings and welcome!
This is a place to show what I saw and liked on my way. Not too much, as I did not cover long distance yet, but still something to have a look at.
Nature is my inspiration, especially it’s remote and hidden corners. Mountains are my true passion. Contemplation and admiration of beauty, sensuality, tranquility and majestic harmony of Nature – what can be more attractive? Pinnacles, fjords, lakes, waterfalls, seas, ocean, Europe, America and my Far East motherland, all is here for my memories and your attention.
People in natural environment is another thing I like to shoot. Captured as they are, without decorations and posing, doing something they are fond of – people are beautiful. See it in my sport collection if you agree with this point.
Not pencraft-gifted (unfortunately :), I will not add beautiful descriptions to pictures, but will just show images.
What I do regret about is that I can not share here fresh and wonderful smells of trees, flowers, and waves, peaceful sounds of leaves, waterfalls and rains, tender touches of winds.. all this will remain for myself, and of cause for everybody who just go.
My gallery consists of 2 parts:
Portfolio – a place to see the best of here - http://www.evimagery.com/portfolio
and all the rest – images added as my life flows – places, events, people, airplanes, animals, plants, and many more - http://www.evimagery.com/imagery
Photographs you see here are taken with Nikon D-80 and D-700 cameras. Most of images are also available in big sizes and resolutions for purchase. If you are interested, please contact me here.
Recently I’ve opened online stores at zazzle and redbubble where you can find prints, posters, wall calendars and other printed products for home and office with my photographs used in design. New items appearing in these stores are posted to ​facebook and twitter pages. 
Some of my photos are on stock for licensing here.
Not to get lost in this gallery, see site map.
Evgeniya Moroz
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